The BridgePoint Dealer Program

Become an Independent Authorized Dealer

Our high volume production through our network of dealers allows us to deliver high efficiency installs and to negotiate the best terms on equipment and finance options.

Experience the Difference?

We bridge the gaps between Sales & Marketing companies, customers, and installers by delivering improved communications, quicker installation turn-times, and better overall service with low Redlines.

Communication is Key to a Great Relationship!

We have mastered our seamless communication process that will never leave you or customers guessing.

Quicker Installations means Quicker Commission Payouts

We ensure quality installations with fast install times. A Project Manager is assigned to each Dealer to quarterback the solar project to the finish line. Every project is broken into 10 steps. Each step has a time allocation that must be met to help ensure installs are done as quickly as possible.

Highest Quality Service in the Industry!

We aren’t happy unless our Dealers and customers are happy. A Dealer and Customer Relations Manager is assigned to every project to ensure satisfaction. Simply put: We don’t accept dissatisfaction.

Let’s Price it to Win it!

Combine our low Redlines with our finance partners’ flexible financing options with great rates and low dealer fees means you can be more competitive in the home!

Our Pledge to You

BridgePoint doesn’t have a sales department and relies solely on our Independent Authorized Dealer network to offer our services to their customers. Therefore, you never need to worry about our company selling to your customers.

We are experts at Project Management and Installation. You are experts at selling and marketing to the public. If you have a company or reps, then your company and reps remain yours. No rep can circumvent you to work directly with us or for any other BridgePoint Dealer without your written permission.